Breeder Production

Spin Feeder

The Spin Feeder provided by Poultec is a simple but very effective feeding system for the rearing of broiler breeders and available in different range of capacities depending on the needs of the farm.

Automatic Nest

To offer the hens the ideal nest environment, we designed the Laying nests from the perspective of hygiene, comfort and optimal egg quality.

Chain feeding system

Chain feeder allows a great flexibility of the feeding system, all the components are easy to install and to locate wherever is most convenient. Accessories can be added at any time so that the system can develop and grow according to the need.


POULTEC heaters for gas and oil are ideal for all kinds of poultry productions. The heaters are of direct fired or indirect fired models combining efficiency with low fuel consumption. Variable capacities are available to cover all possible needs

Infrared Heater

Infrared heaters give young fowls the additional warmth needed to be able to grow under the best conditions. A well-controlled environment is essential in the first days of a bird’s life.

Lighting System

Birds perceive light in a different way than humans do. The sensitivity for the wave lengths of the light spectrum from a bird eye is different from the human eye. The new and innovative LED lights are specially designed for main lighting solutions in Poultry Houses.

Water Heater

Water heating units provide flexible energy use and cleanest house air leading to best performances of livestock.

Cooling System

Cooling pad system is demonstrated to be one of the most trusted and effective cooling techniques for poultry houses. This relatively simple system will ensure a decrease of the inner temperature of the shed of 15 to 20C less than the outside temperature.


The ventilation system of a modern poultry house is a basic element of a successful production. An adequate ventilation system keeps the inner atmosphere of the farm clean and fresh enabling a higher concentration of birds per square meter, lower mortality and better feed conversion rate.

Farm Automation

POULTEC offers a wide range of climate controllers, the main feature of the controllers is that they are easy to install and very user friendly.