About Poultec

At a time when poultry production is transformed into a modern industry guided by animal welfare and innovation, it is becoming more essential to design any poultry project on solid basis of scientific know-how and field expertise to reach target profitability and success.

POULTEC is a member of Group DC based in Antwerp Belgium, a group who’s main investments are concentrated in agriculture and farming sector with an innovative spirit and ambitious drive for success and expansion.

POULTEC N.V. emerged in different markets from 18 years of experience in the design and execution of poultry projects on 3 continents to develop a unique and complete concept in poultry turnkey industry where science and technology are applied in customized solutions meeting the exact requirements of every climatic, management and production parameter for each project. Delivering successful solutions not just equipment.

Our head office is located in Antwerp – Belgium, with regional offices in Beirut – Lebanon for the Middle East and Africa, Amman – Jordan, and Bucharest – Romania for Eastern and Central Europe and Russia.

Our products comply with the highest European standards and are all manufactured in Europe with the best available materials and according to the highest technological standards. The range of delivered solution covers the entire poultry sector:

  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Grand parents stock
  • Broiler breeder farms
  • Layer breeder farms in cages and on the floor
  • Broiler in cages and on the floor
  • Layer in cages and on the floor (standard cages, EU cages and aviary system)
  • Turkeys and ducks
  • Grain storage silos
  • Manure treatment

POULTEC, in partnership of world-class manufacturers can also deliver complete poultry production projects including:

  • Hatcheries
  • Feed mills
  • Slaughter houses
  • Service buildings
  • Rendering plants
  • Feed trucks
  • Day old chicks transport trucks
  • Grain storage and drying solutions

POULTEC’s market area is constantly expanding through the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe & Asia.

POULTEC also assures a continuous after sales follow up and full services aiming to increase confidence of poultry producer throughout our market region through multiple service centers and service partners spread around the globe to be close to our customers.

Our Concept & Approach:

  • Dynamic company based on scientific know how backed with field experience
  • Quality oriented spirit
  • Strategic partnership with producers for stability and reliability
  • Short & fast decision channels for prompt reaction
  • Investment in sales team and service activities in 3 continents
  • Investment in after sales support and services
  • Delivery of turnkey project for all kind of Poultry projects
  • Technology oriented sales spirit far from simple price game